Friday, 17 April 2009

The power of a push up.

Giving Parkour the right impression to the public and the authority is very important. However the general public and authorities such as the Police, Security Guards and Neighbourhood Watch may be unaware that you are training for Parkour. And think that you are up to no good and are being a nuisance or being reckless.

So how do you educate the person watching you? How do you give a positive, respectful image to Parkour to the ones who think you are causing trouble?

A technique I do very often, such as when I see the likes of a security guard approaching is to drop to the ground and do 10 or more push ups. Why you say? Well the general person can identify with the push up, as a form of exercise, and then from that mental image are the positive connotations of strength fitness & discipline.

In a world where first impressions count, a positive impression of Parkour is important and so is the push up.

9/10 times this technique has worked for me, if I am told to move on, I look them in the eye, smile and say no problem – and move on. If you make lots of noise during your training or damage property then you cannot expect to get respect.

It is good when someone comes up to you, showing curiosity and asking nicely what you are doing - but for the ones who may judge you without a conversation, then visual communication is equally important. Show them you are strong and disciplined. That is the power of a push up.

Try it and see...