Sunday, 25 November 2007

Getting Results in strength and fitness

I want to keep this post short and straight to the point!

Often I receive comments, emails and messages asking what condition routines do I do, what number of reps and sets should they should do...

To achieve good results in strength and fitness requires discipline, time and constant stimulus; along with adequate rest and good nutrition. The body when doing the same exercises, all the time will adapt fast to a particular movement and try to execute the exercise with as little energy as possible. Your body will try to become lazy. So it is very important to keep varying your routines, temperature and environments (constant stimulus & constant challenge).

Try to keep your mind and the body just out of its comfort zone. And when you finish exercising, replenish your energy levels with carbohydrates, lots of quality protein and rest.

At the end of day, to be strong and fit depends on the individual, their ability, their genetics and the variety of exercises so their training regime. We live in a society that expects fast results in anything in life. There is no secret. It takes time, a will, creative improvisation and hard work, but it is worth it!!!

Train Well