Thursday, 5 March 2009


I have signed up to twitter to record various training achievements and what I have been up from now on. The reason why i am doing this is friends are always asking what I am up to right now or what have I done today, what my nutrition is, and I feel like am repeating myself a lot. So from now on if they want, they can follow my training achievements, diet and quick thoughts in short bite size bit of information. Also the twitter serves as a good way to log/record small goals, and good to help on feedback and tweak my training accordingly.

Training update

Now that Spring is almost here, I have decided to shed my Winter insulating fat and lighten my frame a little more, by doing more extra Cardio, and refining my diet.

So today I went for a jog from my house to Victoria Park, around the pond and back to my house. I plan to beat my time each time I execute this specific "Pond Run"

I will update this thread with a completion time, as to record and monitor my progress.

My first goal is complete the Pond run circuit in less than 16 minutes.

1st Attempt: 19'40.50 5th March 2009 (Cold & damp day).
2nd Attempt: 18'03.03 7th March 2009 (Light rain day).
3rd Attempt: 16'38.45 11th March 2009 (Damp day).
4th Attempt: 15.23.05 18th March 2009 (Sunny Spring day).

Wednesday, 4 March 2009

District 13 Ultimatum (D13-U) Website

Another trailer plus additional behind the scenes clips too!

District 13 Ultimatum website in English, click here.

Released in France 18th Febuary 2009 and around late July in the UK


Monday, 2 March 2009


One Year on, Glasgow Parkour hosts the second Scottish Parkour Gathering.
With a few twists on last year's day - the format will be more informal and traceurs will get the opportunity to take a 'grand tour' of most of the main spots of the city.

For more info Click here!!


If you have any questions about this day, you can post your question in the Glasgow Parkour Forum, by clicking here!

See you there!