Friday, 31 December 2010

I have been working on strengthening my confidence and mental levels these past few months. And now that I am back to being 100% again I look forward in in pushing my abilities in 2011.

Thank you to all who have shown support. I wish you all the strength and happiness for 2011


Sunday, 14 November 2010

Sunday, 24 January 2010

David Banks 13 mile Cat Crawl for Haiti

Parkour Athlete David Banks is raising money for Haiti. He is cat crawling on all fours for a half marathon.

Today at 10am on Buchanan Street, Glasgow UK he started, and when I left at 6pm, David was almost at the 8 mile mark and still Crawling in the dark freezing cold and wet.


Saturday, 17 October 2009

Zeno [Heartbeat]

Just a wee vid from my training sessions. A big thank you to the Parkour community!


Wednesday, 12 August 2009

My new youtube page for just Munros

I have started a new youtube page which will be dedicated in showing my journey in completing as many of the 284 Scottish Munros (Mountains over 3000ft).

I will still be uploading my Parkour videos to my regular youtube page



Friday, 7 August 2009

District 13-Ultimatium (Update)

Just when I was looking forward to seeing District 13 Ultimatium (D13-U)a> at the end of July, for some reason it the release date has now been move to the 2nd October 2009.

The good thing is... Today I pre-ordered the DVD version which will go on sale on Amazon for 26th October 2009.

Should be good!


Monday, 29 June 2009

Why conditioning is important!!!

Towards the end of last year i cut out a lot of the conditioning and focused primarily on my technique. Not because I find condition too hard or boring like many people think who try Parkour. I cut back on the conditioning to enable my body frame to become lighter and to really improve my technique by focusing on just doing Parkour. Yes I became leaner, yes I improved my technique and yes my jump and Parkour vision increased.

So I should be happy that most aspects of my Parkour was improving... What I did overlook was my resistance/body armour from being very strong, had now slowly decreased, and the larger jumps and drops where becoming more demanding for my body even though I did not notice at first.

During the Springtime this year, i was given a little warning from a small fall at Vauxhall in London. It was just a simple fall and I saved myself. So what's the big deal? Well I managed to injure my wrist, which took a good almost three months. I have bailed and saved myself many times before in the past, but I have been strong and resilient enough to handle it. However with my body's strength was not as strong as it should have been, therefore I picked up an injury.

Over the past months this year I have also read in online forums, videos and even seen Traceurs who neglect their conditioning in favour of doing the big jumps and drops, as they want to do the so called impressive stuff right away, only to find out their body cannot handle it. Parkour is not a race to see who can do the biggest or most dangerous obstacles. It is about improving your abilities safely and sensibly through training and helping others.

I would also like to point out that Parkour did not start out with the original French Traceurs/Yamakasi doing big jumps right away, but was born from strength training, from who could lift what, how many reps and various strength, power and edurance challenges; from which the urban obstacle cource evolved from to what we know as Parkour/ADD/Freerunning.

There are many Traceurs out there who can do the big impressive jumps in less the time it took the older or more experienced ones to do. However fail to see the short comings from dilution. I cannot express how important it is to read Blanes article "Dilution"

I will take my own path in Parkour and if it takes longer than others, then so be it! I want to be doing Parkour long term. So conditioning will be a balanced and integral to my Parkour training, and help me to be strong and resilient.

To be really good at anything takes plenty of time and repetition and does not happen quicky, and taking shortcuts will show!


Friday, 17 April 2009

The power of a push up.

Giving Parkour the right impression to the public and the authority is very important. However the general public and authorities such as the Police, Security Guards and Neighbourhood Watch may be unaware that you are training for Parkour. And think that you are up to no good and are being a nuisance or being reckless.

So how do you educate the person watching you? How do you give a positive, respectful image to Parkour to the ones who think you are causing trouble?

A technique I do very often, such as when I see the likes of a security guard approaching is to drop to the ground and do 10 or more push ups. Why you say? Well the general person can identify with the push up, as a form of exercise, and then from that mental image are the positive connotations of strength fitness & discipline.

In a world where first impressions count, a positive impression of Parkour is important and so is the push up.

9/10 times this technique has worked for me, if I am told to move on, I look them in the eye, smile and say no problem – and move on. If you make lots of noise during your training or damage property then you cannot expect to get respect.

It is good when someone comes up to you, showing curiosity and asking nicely what you are doing - but for the ones who may judge you without a conversation, then visual communication is equally important. Show them you are strong and disciplined. That is the power of a push up.

Try it and see...

Thursday, 5 March 2009


I have signed up to twitter to record various training achievements and what I have been up from now on. The reason why i am doing this is friends are always asking what I am up to right now or what have I done today, what my nutrition is, and I feel like am repeating myself a lot. So from now on if they want, they can follow my training achievements, diet and quick thoughts in short bite size bit of information. Also the twitter serves as a good way to log/record small goals, and good to help on feedback and tweak my training accordingly.

Training update

Now that Spring is almost here, I have decided to shed my Winter insulating fat and lighten my frame a little more, by doing more extra Cardio, and refining my diet.

So today I went for a jog from my house to Victoria Park, around the pond and back to my house. I plan to beat my time each time I execute this specific "Pond Run"

I will update this thread with a completion time, as to record and monitor my progress.

My first goal is complete the Pond run circuit in less than 16 minutes.

1st Attempt: 19'40.50 5th March 2009 (Cold & damp day).
2nd Attempt: 18'03.03 7th March 2009 (Light rain day).
3rd Attempt: 16'38.45 11th March 2009 (Damp day).
4th Attempt: 15.23.05 18th March 2009 (Sunny Spring day).

Wednesday, 4 March 2009

District 13 Ultimatum (D13-U) Website

Another trailer plus additional behind the scenes clips too!

District 13 Ultimatum website in English, click here.

Released in France 18th Febuary 2009 and around late July in the UK


Monday, 2 March 2009


One Year on, Glasgow Parkour hosts the second Scottish Parkour Gathering.
With a few twists on last year's day - the format will be more informal and traceurs will get the opportunity to take a 'grand tour' of most of the main spots of the city.

For more info Click here!!


If you have any questions about this day, you can post your question in the Glasgow Parkour Forum, by clicking here!

See you there!


Thursday, 22 January 2009

Looking back on 2008

My mental and physical ability has improved these past few weeks and I am looking forward in seeing what I am really capable of leading up to Spring 2009...

Below is a chronological set of clips, (January 2008 to December 2008) of my Parkour Journey.

The point of posting this clip below is to draw a line of where my ability was, as I feel different now as my mind, body and spirit are very close to being in harmony.


Friday, 2 January 2009

DISTRICT "B13" 2 : ULTIMATUM (trailer)

DISTRICT "B13" 2 : ULTIMATUM (2009) - Official Trailer [HQ] Cyrill Raffaelli - David Belle

Release date 18th February. :o)

Wednesday, 31 December 2008

My Parkour highlights of 2008

Below are some of my Parkour highlights that was 2008.

Back to training from having a couple of days rest...

Started off the year with two of my closest training Partners Chris Grant and BJ Lang.

I also began to concentrate more on my diet, by eating little to no processed food, and began to cook more types of healthy dishes from scratch. So Parkour was making me a better cook.

I also made one of my accomplishments, the upwards precision at the top of the stairs at the Adam Smith, Glasgow University.

January also seen the start of Parkour and Conditioning with my Fiancee. :)


Finished filming my video, before heading off to Berlin, Germany for a few days.

Glasgow Parkour celebrates it's 3rd birthday.

For February I trained technique training intensely, which seen my jump increase by a whole foot. :)

Glasgow Parkour Coaching first Adult workshop begins.

Three day training session with Parkour Generation's Dan Edwards and Forrest in London with my fellow Glasgow Traceur Chris Grant.


Glasgow Parkour holds it's first "Scotland wide Parkour workshop".

Establish training with new comer Omercan.

Conqueored the Big Scary Level Cat at Wellington Church.

I Also decided to eat more and incorporate at little more fatty food into my diet as my diet was so clean, I felt I was running out of energy pretty quick.

The 4 day trip to Evry, Paris for the opening of Yamakasi/Majestic Force Art Du Displacement Accademy.

Lisses Trip from where I badly sprained my ankle just 4 hours of arriving there, but ended the trip on literally a high after making it to the top of the Dame Du Lac, despite barely being able to walk.

From the footage I filmed leading up to my injury i posted my video "The awakening"

In the month of May, I turned 30 years old.

Lots of Ice days to reduce the swelling of my ankle...

Recovery begins on my badly sprained ankle.
So i concentrated first on protection of my ankle, by wearing an ankle brace, which I ordered off ebay.

My training had to be adapted... And when i was not doing upperbody conditioning I would work on getting my injured foot's range of motion back, by sitting of the ground and writing the imaginary alphabet several times a day with my big toe, focusing the range of movement from my foot only and not moving my leg.

After about two weeks of working on my injured foot's range of movement, I began lowerbody conditioning to focus on strengthening my legs and weak ankle

Training light jump techniques with my healing ankle.

The initial pilot of Glasgow Parkour Coaching youth accademy begins with a few outdoor workshops in the Southside of Glasgow.

I attended the big Parkour Jam at Erskine, which was great fun despite recovering from my Ankle injury.

Despite my ankle not being 100%

I still managed to finish off filming a joint Parkour video, with BJ Lang

UPG come to Glasgow for the Merchant city festival, from where Glasgow was entertained in a fantastic display of Parkour and dance from the guys and gals of Urban PlayGround, of which former Yamakasi member Malik skills where on show.
Zeno and Malik Diouf

I spend October trying to get my fitness, strength and mind level back to where it was before my ankle injury.


Barefoot training begins with weekly barefoot distance jogs. (the video is of low quality because of initial file size, but gives you an idea where I jogged to.

The idea of barefoot jogging, especially in the cold rain was to toughening my mind as well as my feet, to sharpen my concentration and push through former comfort zones, so when I had my shoes on and doing Parkour, things would seem easier, and so my level began to rise again.

November also seen the coaches from Parkour Generations, visit Glasgow in part premotion of EA Games "Mirror's edge"

Johann, Zeno, Thomas, Chris & Stephane

There was a great turn out from our community and a fun workshop was enjoyed by all at Bellahoustoun Sports Centre


Glasgow Parkour and Edinburgh Parkour attending Rendezvous 3.

December saw the great gathering in London, for Parkour Generations "Rendezvous 3" two day event. And despite the rain the spirit of everyone was excellent. It was good to travel down to London with several guys and gals from Glasgow and Edinburgh Parkour.

Blane & Zeno

The closing of December saw the end of year Christmas Parkour Jam.

Below are three videos filmed and edited by Ian Lyon, Nina and the other by myself.

Ian's edit

Nina's Edit

Sunday, 16 November 2008

Zeno [Glasgow Parkour] Uni Run

I would normally show control by stoping when landing my precisions, like in my older videos, however I wanted to show continious movement in this clip.

Thanks for taking the time to watch.


Sunday, 24 August 2008

Zeno & BJ Lang [Glasgow Parkour]

Just a wee vid of us two.

High Quality version available on my youtube page

Thank you for taking the time to view.


Sunday, 27 July 2008

Erskine Jam July 2008

Footage from the Erskine Jam July 2008.