Tuesday, 20 May 2008

Zeno "The Awakening"

I have been working on pushing my fears and mental barriers these past few months. And so this video is more about me dealing with these mental barriers, rather than being slick with many varied moves. With a growing sense of confidence, I feel my Parkour vision beginning to open up more and my passion and spirit deepen further.

Thank you for taking the time to view.



Jinto said...

Zeno Hello! I welcome you here from Argentina Mar del Plata. Also play with my friends and 3run Parkour, I have seen several videos of yours and I feel quite identified with your style, also come to appreciate much the style of Daniel Ilabaca.

Well I hope you'll continue to make progress in this discipline and philosophy of life and succeeded in developing new capabilities and skills.

In Flickr have my photos ;-)

TraceurZeno said...

Thank you Jinto for such thoughtful words.

Judging by your super photos you have great energy for life and movement, not to mention high heights. :)

Was your coastal pictures on Punta Iglesia beach or La Perla beach?


Jinto said...

Zeno! I am very glad that I reply :D, these photos are on the beaches of pearl and there is a complex nearby to do some things ... A month ago we started out with my friends Sergio, Nico, Fran and others, I started excited but should calm ... "Be & remain" we must understand to progress properly.

A greetings and we will keep in touch, I will be visiting your blog