Thursday, 22 January 2009

Looking back on 2008

My mental and physical ability has improved these past few weeks and I am looking forward in seeing what I am really capable of leading up to Spring 2009...

Below is a chronological set of clips, (January 2008 to December 2008) of my Parkour Journey.

The point of posting this clip below is to draw a line of where my ability was, as I feel different now as my mind, body and spirit are very close to being in harmony.



Rachacuca said...

Well Done, Zeno.

5 out of 5, my friend.

Take care.
B. Rachacuca

Jinto said...

Friend =), as I want to go to Europe to train with you and meet Daniel Ilabaca! to share my vision of Parkour ... Zeno! new photos in my Flickr.

This year 2009 will be better and stronger, the growing Parkour = ')

Zeno wish you a great achievement!, I want to share my thoughts (ideas, vision) with you and if possible Ilabaca

Anonymous said...

Just wanna say, Awesome save there in the bloopers section of your new video, and keep up the dedication mate!!!

the bullet said...

this is awsome i like the bit when you jump from the information thing to the pillar then you percision really nice man