Thursday, 5 March 2009

Training update

Now that Spring is almost here, I have decided to shed my Winter insulating fat and lighten my frame a little more, by doing more extra Cardio, and refining my diet.

So today I went for a jog from my house to Victoria Park, around the pond and back to my house. I plan to beat my time each time I execute this specific "Pond Run"

I will update this thread with a completion time, as to record and monitor my progress.

My first goal is complete the Pond run circuit in less than 16 minutes.

1st Attempt: 19'40.50 5th March 2009 (Cold & damp day).
2nd Attempt: 18'03.03 7th March 2009 (Light rain day).
3rd Attempt: 16'38.45 11th March 2009 (Damp day).
4th Attempt: 15.23.05 18th March 2009 (Sunny Spring day).

1 comment:

Akhilles said...

a 4 n 1/2 min improvement in 2weeks !!
thts awesome

keep goin buddy