Tuesday, 3 July 2007

Acheivements and Targets

Recently accomplished goals:
* Parkour at London & Lisses & Edinburgh
* 12 Muscle ups in a row.
* Kong to lower precision.
* Kong to level precision.
* The 10 Foot-steps Level Cat at Rottenrow.
* Improved balance (with hands clasp behind back).
* Diagonal bollard Precision at Adam Smith.
* Rail precision.

Targets (for September 30th):
* 15 muscle ups in a row.
* Muscle up without kipping
* Improve/tidy my technique in wall climbs.

* Improve my precision technique
* Split foot kong to precision.
* 30 pull ups or 30 chin ups in a row.
* 1 Handed Chin up
* The Level Kong at the Uni library.

* Precision the 9.25 foot-steps at bottome of stair at the Wellington Church
* The 9.25 foot-steps level cat at the Wellington church.
* Improve fitness, strength, balance & fluidity.
* Kong to rail Precision.
* Improve my handstand balancing.
* Explore and adapt to more locations and environments.
* Improve my nutrition


TjDubs said...

Zeno, I appreciate you taking the time to record/blog all of this information. I've learned alot about myself by adapting your information and experiance to my own needs and methods. Thank you.

TraceurZeno said...

You are welcome tjdubs.

Lostsoulparty said...

I have been doing parkour for about 3 monthes and i really love it. I am training almost everyday rain or shine, as long as i haven't got school work to do, thanks for everything on your blog reading it all has helped me saught out my own problems :) fluidity is a great idea for me.
(search lostsoulparty on youtube if you are interested, but my only video is not good, doing a new one soon)