Monday, 30 July 2007

Refinement of Goal Targets (Short, Medium & Long Term)

Short Term Goals (for September 30th 2007):

* Split foot kong over walls

* Split foot kong over rails.

* Muscle up without kipping

* Improve/tidy my technique in wall climbs.

* Improve my precision technique

Medium Term Goals (for December 31st 2007):

* 30 pull ups or 30 chin ups in a row.

* Full planche pushups

* Kong to rail Precision.

Long Term Goals (for Feb 1st 2008):

* One Arm Chin-up (OAC)

* Precision the 9.25 foot-steps at bottom of stairs at the Wellington Church

* The 9.25 foot-steps level cat at the Wellington church.

On Going Goals

* Improve fitness, strength, balance, flexibility & fluidity.

* Improve my handstand balancing.

* Explore and adapt to more locations and environments.

* Improve my nutrition


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