Wednesday, 26 December 2007

My Parkour highlights of 2007

Below are some of my Parkour highlights that was 2007.

Started Gymnastics for the first time in my life aged 28, to improve my form, flexibility and confidence in the way my body moves.


My first trip to Lisses in France with my Fiancée to visit the home of Parkour and the Dame Du Lac, which was an unforgettable experience. It was inspirational at the size and scale of some of the most famous obstacles and paths chosen by the best.

My Being part of an article written by the Scottish Sun newspaper on Glasgow Parkour.
I Conqueored the baby cat at Wellington Church, Glasgow

My first Edinburgh Jam with BJ, Pete, Gav & Rab on a gorgeous sunny day.
My first time ever doing Slackline with Liam Arnold.
Kettlebell training with David BJ Lang.
Nailing the Rail Kong to Precision at the Uni Library.


The Eglinton Trip with Chris Grant, Paul Sayer and Sean Laverty, which was one of those sunny long lasting days with great training and fun, topped off with a freezing cold dip in the sea and juicy steak on the Barbeque.


The London trip with Chris Grant and David BJ Lang to see Dan Edwards and train in the evening with Forrest.

Coaching the younger up and coming Traceurs at Unit 23 Parkour Workshop in Dumbarton with David BJ Lang, Chris Grant and Sean Laverty.


Participating in the K Swiss event with Chris Grant, Sean Laverty and Paul Sayer at the Fort Shopping Centre, Glasgow.


The London trip with Chris Grant, David BJ Lang & Paul Sayer to train with the Yamakasi, Stephane Vigroux, Forrest, Johann Vigroux and the rest of the Parkour Coaching team at the Rendezvous 2 event. Also it was a pleasure to meet and chat to Blane and Dane DC Grant too.
Also in December I have began to practice Parkour in the rain with wet obstacles to sharpen my technique and mental abilities.
I would like to thank my Fiancée and to all who I trained with, met and chatted with, for a memorable year, and I wish them all the best in strength, courage, love, self improvement and happyness in 2008.


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