Sunday, 9 December 2007

Rendezvous 2

This blog entry is from a thread I posted on today and summed my feelings on Rendezvous 2, which was an event held by Parkour Coaching team and the Yamakasi.

Rendezvous 2 was magical evening where like minded Traceurs and Traceuses learned and pushed their abilities in mind and movement after a killer warm-up.

I went to this event to learn and I personally learned a lot about myself and what I need to train on. The scaffolding towers that where constructed where superb to pass round, above and through. And was one of my favourite obstacles to execute my movement on and watch others too.

I thought the 5 workshops that where laid on in this event where very well thought out. The number of people who attended was perfect, so we all had space to learn and move, move and learn and little time to stand still. The music and training vibe was perfect!

I would like to personally Thank Dan, Forrest, Stephane, Johann, Kazuma and the rest of the Parkour Coaching for making this event possible.

I would personally like to thank the Yamakasi for their teachings and encouragement.

Well done to everyone who attended and pushed themselves!

From a tired, positively sore and very happy Zeno.

P.S. I would like to thank my training partners Chris Grant, David BJ Lang & Paul Sayer, whom made the 4:30am travel and flight from Glasgow to London, and on the same day, the 8 hour brutal bus trip back home to Glasgow worthwhile, with the good banter and team spirit.


Element4Life said...

It broadened my horizons and made me see the things I still have to improve, and the list is big, this event proved to be essential in the growth of any level of traceur, and this will not be forgotten, specially because my body still hurts!!
It was fun meeting you guys, we had quite a laugh on the tube after.
Show up in Cardiff sometime dude!

Take care;


TraceurZeno said...

Cheers for getting in touch Alex.

I totally agree with you on us learning more about our weakness from this event. And how we need to work on them.

It was a very special night with special friends and mentors.

I am still sore too.

All the best in your training Alex