Tuesday, 4 September 2007


I feel in life as well as Parkour it is very important to be positive. The more positive you are, the more positive things will happen for you.

To stay positive it is very important to surround yourself with inspiring and positive sources such as:
* Positive and inspiring people
* Creative and informative books
* Quality music (Stimulate your mind)
* Exercise and stretching (release stress)
* Good posture
* Good attitude
* Be passionate in what you love
* Decent sleep around 8hrs
* Good nutrition
* Travel (broaden your horizons)
* Share good knowledge

It is important help others, but do not let them wear you down.

Keep negative things to the side, in small doses or even out of your life! Such as:
* Television... Get it the fuck out of your life!
* Tabloid newspapers... 8/10 times want to report misery and sensationalised stories.
* Junk Food and processed meals...
* Sad or depressing music, will affect you mood and creativity.
* Drug taking and excessive Alcohol.

You have a short life and an even shorter time being young and healthy, so make the most of it!

Do you have ideas in life where you want to be, what you want to do... Well do it!!!

Write down your goals, and plan/work to achieve them. Be Strong and Positive... And you will be in good shape to deal with negative issues when they come your way, within reason...

If you fail.... Good!!! Learn and grow from failure, within reason!


TjDubs said...

Sound advice as always. My friends and I who practice parkour are gratefull to you for the time you've taken to share the widom of your experiance. My training is going along quite well. Those conditioning videos have worked wonders on my abilities.

GPJ said...

this post actually brightened up my day


DC said...

Love the new look to the site.


(ps, good article to)

Anonymous said...

Absolutely agree with getting the TV OUT!

rachacuca said...


that shit work, dude..
i'm alreadt inspired..

thx for share the thoughts..

take care,

Sabine said...

Hi Zeno.
I was watching a video on youtube and found accidental your side.
It´s sensational to see with what diszipline you do your sport.
I think it is not easy to be strong and to live in that way every day but it can give us power in bad times and hard times and I it can make us the courage to find the right way.

MickGPK said...

Hey brother, excellent article and blod in general. Was winding down after a quick conditioning session and thought I'd see if you'd posted anything new.

Anyway, whilst reading it, I noticed your mention of 8hours sleep - it has actually been proven that 4-6 hours sleep is optimum.

Results show that those who sleep for 8 hours are less driven, more apathetic, in poorer physical condition and will die sooner than if they slept for 4-6 hours.

Anyway, it seemed like the sort of thing to share, seeing as I am aware of how much you enjoy learning, and receiving new information.

Peace brother; train hard - we can't have me showing you up at jams every week now ( because we all know that happens *shifty eyes* ;P ).