Saturday, 15 September 2007


When I was Parkour training in London a couple of weeks ago, my performance suffered due to not drinking enough water. I usually drink bottles of water when I train, but I forgot to take into consideration it was a hot summer’s day. Therefore I did not consume enough water to replenish and I became dehydrated. By the evening, I was feeling light-headed and found it hard to focus on even the basic of moves, not to mention cramping of my calf muscles. So it was a mistake to learn from.

The Institute of Medicine advises that:
consume roughly 3.0 litres (13 cups) of total beverages a day.
Women consume 2.2 litres (9 cups) of total beverages a day.

Causes of dehydration are:
* Overall lack of fluid intake
* Lack of fluid before, during and after intensive training
* Through Persperation (especially on hot summer day)
* Through increased urination because of high Caffine intake
* Through increased urination because of high Protein intake

Signs and symptoms of dehydration include:
* Mild to excessive thirst
* Fatigue
* Little or no urination
* Muscle weakness
* Headache
* Dry mouth
* Dizziness / light-headedness


GPJ said...

yeah i have to agree. the same thing happened to me while i was quadrupedalling, and i had to stop and get up because my thigh was cramped. and that was on a cool night.

martines said...

I was watching for my body for a few days. I was drinking a lot of water (~3.0 l) So on my parkour trainings I was more dynamic in moves in hot time,and muscules are more elastic.

Brendan said...

Out of curiosity, does it have to be water, what about milk, as like you said in the post after this, that we should be taking in a lot of calcium, so would milk be good enough??
To then kill two birds with the one stone?

TraceurZeno said...

I suggest water as it is one of the purist forms of fluid intake.

But yes you can drink milk or other fluids. However beware of caffine drinks, which increase the need urinate, therefore depleting your fluids and could lead to dehydration.